Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Activities

Cookie Party!

Here's the girls ready for the cookie party at Grandma Bicki & Papa Geno's house!

I'll try to post more pics of the cookie party once I get them from my mom....

Santa Geno

Santa (a.k.a. Papa Geno) came to visit Sophie. She wasn't totally afraid of him - just liked to watch him from a distance. Towards the end of his visit - Sophie said "Papa Geno! You're so funny, Papa Geno!" We all got a good laugh out of it! :)

Christmas Morning

Here's a few pics from Christmas morning. I forgot to take pictures - but we videoed it! :)

Sophie opening her stocking.

Libby scooting around!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Big Girl Bed

Well... it's about that time (and I'm about that pregnant) for Sophie to be in a big girl bed. I know she's about one of the last of her friends to be in a bigger bed - but I wanted her to be contained as long as possible! ;) She never climbed out of her crib though...

Come look at my new bed Libby!
We LOVE Daddy!
Soooo excited!
Night Night
Going to sleep for the night.

She only fell out once in the middle of the night. She looked so cute sleeping in her bed! :)

The First Ones on the Block!!

We decorated for Christmas this past weekend. I know, I know... it's not Thanksgiving yet! We didn't have much going on & decided to go ahead & get it done before things get really busy. Plus, I love the white lights on our tree! :)
Here's Aaron working hard on the roof. He did a fabulous job putting up the lights outside.
Sophie was Aaron's helper. She handed him the clips to hang up the lights.... a VERY important job!
Notice their attire to hang up Christmas lights. Yes folks - it was about 80 degrees outside! :(
Sophie showing off her Dora ornament!
Sophie helping Mommy hang the ornaments on the tree. I was really surprised that she didn't hang them all in one spot. She spaced them out pretty well actually! :)
And you say "Where was Libby?" She was taking a nap & missed out on the festivities. :( She loves looking at the lights though.

A Few Random Pictures

Here are a few random pictures of the girls! :)

Sophie "scrapbooking"
Sophie's Fall Party (it was a PJ party)Cute Little (literally) Libby! Sophie put the hat on Libby. I guess I should call this "Gangsta Libby" :)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our Little Ladybugs!

We dressed the girls up like ladybugs & showed them off at Aaron's work.

our little ladybug
our big girl ladybug

our family

After visiting Aaron's work, we headed over to Southwest Airlines for their Fall Festival! Sophie had a blast! I'll post pictures when I get them from my mom!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dallas Arboretum's Autumn Festival!

We took the girls to the Dallas Arboretum's Autumn Festival on Sunday. We had a great time with friends from our church!

Sophie playing in the hay maze.
Sweet Sisters!

Mommy & Libby!

Girls will be girls! (I'm sure you can see that Sophie was having a HARD time sitting still!)

Libby - 10 months old!

Happy Fall Y'all! I love this time of year! Sophie & Libby were both sick last week - so we're looking forward to enjoying the fall weather this week! :)

Monday, October 15, 2007


(For all my northern family members - that's what Big Tex (this giant statue of a cowboy) says at the state fair!)

We went to the fair this past weekend with Rhett, Rebecca, Fielder, & Linda. We had a great time! The weather was pretty good - it got hot towards the end.

I know this picture isn't the best - but it's the only one we took of all 4 of us! :( It was chilly in the morning - so the camera fogged up..... Oh well, if you squint your eyes just right - you can see us! ;) Actually, Sophie's in the front seat of the stroller with the blanket over her head... oh well, we tried!

Watching Rhett & Fielder ride the (expensive) swan paddleboats!

This was a sad story... this lady (yes, that's a lady) was picking Sophie up to make sure she was tall enough to ride this ride with Fielder. Well.... look at the next picture...

This is Sophie watching Fielder on the ride because she was too short! :( Actually, she did really well - she didn't throw a fit! She cried a little - but then she just stood there and watched.

Here's sweet Libby taking a much needed a nap at the fair! I think she liked all of the noise!

Sophie finally got to ride a ride! She was tall enough to ride the tea cups! Being this was her first ride ever - I think it was a good start! It was fun - but not too fast!

If you click on this picture to enlarge it - you'll see that she's having a blast!

Now we all know how good the greasy fair food is (ahhem, Rebecca)! Here's Libby eating her fair food of choice ------ Cheerios! :)


This was soooo funny! We were about to leave & when we looked down at her - she had fallen asleep with a sucker in her mouth! Now how many kiddos fall asleep with candy in their mouth? She must have been super tired!

We had a great time & it was a lot easier than I thought taking the girls! We can't wait to go next year! Although, we'll have an 8 month old little boy with us! That's hard to believe!?!?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time for Breakfast!
Sophie made Libby breakfast the other morning. I even overheard Sophie praying with Libby before they ate. It was so cute - she said "Jesus, thank you for this food, in Your Name I pray, AMEN". Sophie's "amen" is really loud & really southern! It's really cute! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We have to change our blog name!

For those of you who don't know - we are having another baby!! He (yes - a boy:) is due somewhere at the end of February (or possibly the beginning of March)! It's been so fun (and sooo different) looking at boy things!!! I think I'm getting used to blue instead of pink! ;) His clothes are so much easier! I'll only have to pick out a pair of pants/shorts & a shirt! That seems easy enough. ;) We are super excited about this huge blessing that the Lord has given us! Libby & Max will only be 14 months apart! I know - I know..... I will be really busy! And extremely blessed! :) We can't wait to meet little......
Max Ryan Cunningham!

What's in Sophie's Tummy?

I've been asking Sophie what's in Mommy's tummy lately. She always responds with "baby brother". Today while she was eating breakfast she told me that she has a bunny in her tummy! Which doesn't surprise me at all since she LOVES her bunny that she sleeps with! :0) Too cute!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The End of Summer!!! :)
(Ok, I tried 3 times to upload these pictures in order & everytime they were out of order! :( If any other bloggers on have any tips - please pass them on! :)

Sophie's First Day of Mother's Day Out
Her day started with breakfast with Daddy at the donut shop!
This is Sophie standing outside of her "school"! She wanted to wear her "Eimsteims" (aka Little Einstein's) overalls. She looks like such a big girl! :(
Mommy, Libby, & Sophie
Random Pictures

Here's Sophie eating popcorn with Dora! She got the popcorn out of the pantry & asked me to make it for her & Dora. This is after she wanted to feed Dora Libby's baby food, raisins, etc. Thank goodness popcorn isn't messy! :) Notice that she put a bib on Dora. Too cute! She's turning into a little mommy!

Sweet Libby feeding herself for the first time with her thingamajig (I can't remember what it's called - but it's awesome) & she loved it!

Home Group Breakfast at the Bray's

Here's some of Sophie & Libby's friends:

Sophie, Libby, McKenna, Cali, London, & Trinity


We finally did it! :) I cut the top of her pacifier off to wean her off of it! She kept giving it to me telling me it was broken, I needed to wash it, & then I needed to dry it. So after a little crying & talking to me about it - she finally fell asleep without it!! :)

This is what she did with it each night after I would put her to sleep! Ha!
Sophie swinging Libby in her Johnny Jumper.
Libby looks a little nervous in this picture but she LOVED it!
Just a cute picture of Libby!
Sophie's Meet the Teacher Night!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sophie's 1st Swimming Lessons!
This was her first day of swimming lessons. Notice the pout she has on her face! She had that same look the entire lesson that day! It was so cute!

Notice the pout is still there! It cracked me up! :) After two weeks of swimming lessons, she was "swimming" from one person to another, putting her face in the water & blowing bubbles, & having a great time! I'm really glad we did it!
Here's sweet little Libby standing up next to the couch! She's getting big! She's 7 months old!