Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zoo Fun

We went to the zoo with Andrea & her boys: Caleb, Wesley, Seth, Eli, & Sawyer. Sophie had soooo much fun just walking around the zoo with the boys! Caleb, Wesley, & Seth were so good to hold her hand & help her out! Here are just a few pictures. For some reason I could only take about 15 pictures?!?! :(

Let's go to the zoo!!

Where are we going to go first????

Caleb & Wes told us all about the lemurs.

What Max did at the zoo

Libby & Max were so good!

Sophie in the nature exchange

Playing in the toddler area.

Sophie's hair was full of static after going down the slide several times.

Libby was thrilled that Sophie was holding her! ;)


All of the kiddos!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sophie's 3rd Birthday Party

Here's a bunch of pictures from Sophie's party...