Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hi everyone!  I am back after a break from the blogging world.  We've been super busy & you'll see posts soon about what we've been up to.  For now, here's Sophie at her first dance class!  I don't have any of her actually in the class (we could only see her through a one-way mirror).  She's taking tap & ballet at Dance Xpressions from Ms. Cathy (my old high school drill team captain).  Let me tell you what - those 3 years old are stinkin' adorable!  

Aaron & all the moms looking in the window  ;)
Our pretty ballerina
Posing with her dance bag
Daddy & Sophie
Mommy & Sophie

I can't believe our little girl is old enough to be in dance.  
It feels like I just had her yesterday....