Friday, July 10, 2009

This Summer....

What have we been up to this summer while it's been....

soooooo hot - you gotta wear shades!?!?!

We've started climbing on everything,
ridden on our hand-me-down Barbie Jeep (thanks, Dori), 
gotten reallllllly brave,
played a lot, 
started using sign language,
developed a little bit of a 'tude (!), 
gone to Daddy's softball games,
started looking like a Big Boy,
acted like a monkey,
made lots of corn on the cob,

grilled out a whole LOT, 

fought just a little bit,
helped Mommy with chores,
had just a couple (!) meltdowns,
went to a wedding & caught up with old friends,
been so dog-gone tired we've fallen asleep on the floor, 
and still wearing our shades!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!  We are!  We're trying to beat the heat here in Texas!!  I will try to be a little more consistent with updating our blog (ahem, for Rebecca)!  
We love y'all!