Monday, June 11, 2007


Here are a couple of pictures of Sophie's first time tubing behind our boat.
She had a blast & wasn't scared at all!
Don't worry!
We only went about 5mph!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our sweet girls.....
Here are just a few pictures of our girls over the last several months...
Sophie loves to put stickers on everything! Including Libby! Sophie even put a Boots (for all you Dora fans out there) sticker in Libby's mouth before! Sophie was looking at Libby's mouth yelling "Booooooots, Booooooots". It was cute! Don't worry - I told Sophie not to put things in Libby's mouth again! :)

Libby in her "Cute as a button" onesie!
Libby in her new Bumbo chair! She loves it (so does Sophie:)! Although, Sophie's "little" thighs get stuck in it! :)
Libby was on a blanket on the floor - guess who else HAD to get a blanket to lay on the floor??? You got it! Sophie! :)
Poor Libby!! She got so tired that she fell asleep standing up in her exersaucer!

OK... this one is cute! Sophie put this outfit together all by herself! She started out in her jammies - then had to get her vest & hat! To top the outfit off - what did she need??? The vacuum extension! Pretty funny, huh? :) Sophie's Aunt Tennah & I joke that she has Tennah's eclectic style when it comes to what she likes to wear!
Big Sister & Little Sister outfits!
Just too stinkin' cute! I love that toothless grin!
Here's Sophie trying to brainwash Libby at such a young age! ;) If you don't know already - Sophie is probably Dora the Explorer's biggest fan!
And to end the fun pictures - Sophie throwing a HUGE fit carrying her diaper bag around her neck! She's too funny sometimes!