Tuesday, November 25, 2008

C.U.B. Catch Up Blog

So I've realized that I haven't been the best blogger lately... what else is new?  ;)  So instead of feeling overwhelmed about all of the blogs I should do - I'm just going to do one with highlights of the events.  Kind of like Cliff's Notes - by the way, do those still exist these days?

This was actually today:  
Sophie using her Easy Bake Oven for the first time (thanks Dori).
She looks adorable in her apron & chef's hat.
Stirring her brownies.  (Actually it's the icing!!  I was wondering why the "Blonde" brownies were brown????  Luckily, I caught it just before we put it in the oven.)
Libby stirring too!

Sophie enjoying the fruit of her labor.

I wish I would have captured Max's face better.  He was laughing so hard at Sophie!

This past weekend.  Last year we put up our tree before Thanksgiving & loved it.  
(I have no idea why this is underlined?????)
Aaron decorating the tree.

Me hanging up Chloe's ornament :)  She would have been almost 5 this Christmas!

All the kiddos "helping" Uncle Luke play his guitar.  

Libby wanted to wear 2 bows :)
Our little Laura Ingalls Wilder.  This was my first time to braid her hair.  Also, she's wearing my "ring-ring dress".  This dress was one I wore when I was 5.  I called it my "ring-ring dress" because it has a bell sewn into it.  She likes to dress up in it. 
OBU's Homecoming:  beginning of November
All the kiddos at one of my best friend, Karel's, house.  This was a HUGE bean bag - they loved it.  We had so much fun visiting with each other.
Libby & Max at OBU
Sophie walking across campus.  I like that you can see the chapel in the background.
Sophie wanted to take a picture with this bison in the bookstore.  
Yes, we were the OBU Bison...  kind of difficult coming from a Duncanville Panther.  
Sophie actually took this one :)
OBU friends & housemates.  Karel, Shari, & Me.  
This was in the GC - it wasn't this cool 10 years ago!

End of October.  Sophie wanted to mail her candy to her school!  I promise it was her idea.  What mom would have passed up this chance to get rid of excess sugar???? 
(Is it bad that she hasn't been to "school" for a year?  She still wanted to mail it though)
Putting it in the mailbox.

October:  Max & Cooper's last playdate.  
Rhett, Rebecca, Fielder, & Cooper moved to Denver, CO.  :(

Just an ultra adorable pic of Libby - Lou - who's almost 2!
Max in the corn box in Iowa

End of September - beginning of October:
Trip to Iowa.  Just picture a Griswald's Family Vacation movie.  It was so difficult traveling with 3 young children.  We went to Iowa for my dad's  memorial mass.  He died in August & we had a service for him here & then his family had a mass for him in Iowa. 

Sophie making the yummiest cookies with my Aunt Janie.   
Most of my dad's grandchildren (missing Max).  They wore overalls in honor of my dad - he ALWAYS wore them.  Maybe that's who I got my overall obsession from (several years ago, of course)?!?!?!?
Ok, I'm caught up now.  Oh, I don't have any pictures of the kiddos dressed up for the Fall Festival.  Actually, we do - they are just on 2 other people's cameras.  Just picture 2 ballerinas with really big tu-tu's & a plump pumpkin!