Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Other Pictures...

Here's Me!!!

"Bathtime for baby!"

"Daddy loves his little Libby."

"My first photo by Tennah"

"Look at all that dark hair, it must be from my daddy!!!"

"It takes 9 months and 8 days to have feet this cute."

"Waah its cold in here!!!"

"I feel like a fish!!!"

Our Little Libby Is Finally Here

Libby Claire Noelle Cunningham
Melissa and I are proud to announce the birth of Libby. She was born at 9:19PM and weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces. She is so talented and already blowing bubbles :~)
I will make another post in a few minutes with several other pics.
PS Feel free to comment on how cute she is :~)

(this is rebecca)

april just checked melissa and she is dilated to 8 and a half cm and libby's head is at a +1 station!! in april's words, "melissa should be pushing soon." aaron, melissa, april, and surani are in their room right now and melissa is on the bed in quite a lot of pain...please pray for a continued healthy labor and delivery and for God to continue to bless melissa with His strength, peace, and comfort. :) she is SUCH a trooper!! more to come soon...


Things are in motion...

Ok so her contractions have been very regular for the last couple of hours and they have not been letting up. They keep getting worse which is a good thing. Our support team is arriving so we are good there. Keep us in your prayers. Melissa is doing well and is up and walking around. Stay tuned...

April on her way...

Well, after a VERY short walk, Melissa is having some pretty serious contractions that are having her embrace the side of the couch and yell and cry. I hear her having one now. Gotta go...

Patiently waiting....

Well, Melissa's labor stalled out about 5am this morning. April and Sorani went home and hopefully will be back later on this evening. Melissa has been resting today and contracting some. Although her contractions she is having are intense, they are spread out. She is dialted to a 5 and a half now so that is good news and shows she is making progress. We are going to go walking in a while to try to help the process along. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It might be tonight....

Hi everyone, well for those keeping up, Melissa is officially 1 week overdue today. She went to her appointment at 1:30 today and at that time she was 100% effaced (her cervix thinned out), and 4cm dialated out of a possible 10cm. She has been having regular contractions almost all day. As of the last couple of hours, they have been really consistent and somewhat painful. We are not calling in the troops yet but feel it could be ANY moment. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Libby's New Blog

Hey everyone! Well today Libby is officially 1 day overdue. Melissa went walking today to hopefully get things moving. Keep watching this post for updates.