Monday, November 19, 2007

Big Girl Bed

Well... it's about that time (and I'm about that pregnant) for Sophie to be in a big girl bed. I know she's about one of the last of her friends to be in a bigger bed - but I wanted her to be contained as long as possible! ;) She never climbed out of her crib though...

Come look at my new bed Libby!
We LOVE Daddy!
Soooo excited!
Night Night
Going to sleep for the night.

She only fell out once in the middle of the night. She looked so cute sleeping in her bed! :)

The First Ones on the Block!!

We decorated for Christmas this past weekend. I know, I know... it's not Thanksgiving yet! We didn't have much going on & decided to go ahead & get it done before things get really busy. Plus, I love the white lights on our tree! :)
Here's Aaron working hard on the roof. He did a fabulous job putting up the lights outside.
Sophie was Aaron's helper. She handed him the clips to hang up the lights.... a VERY important job!
Notice their attire to hang up Christmas lights. Yes folks - it was about 80 degrees outside! :(
Sophie showing off her Dora ornament!
Sophie helping Mommy hang the ornaments on the tree. I was really surprised that she didn't hang them all in one spot. She spaced them out pretty well actually! :)
And you say "Where was Libby?" She was taking a nap & missed out on the festivities. :( She loves looking at the lights though.

A Few Random Pictures

Here are a few random pictures of the girls! :)

Sophie "scrapbooking"
Sophie's Fall Party (it was a PJ party)Cute Little (literally) Libby! Sophie put the hat on Libby. I guess I should call this "Gangsta Libby" :)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our Little Ladybugs!

We dressed the girls up like ladybugs & showed them off at Aaron's work.

our little ladybug
our big girl ladybug

our family

After visiting Aaron's work, we headed over to Southwest Airlines for their Fall Festival! Sophie had a blast! I'll post pictures when I get them from my mom!