Friday, January 08, 2010


In honor of our sweet Chloe's 6th birthday yesterday, I want to share with you my favorite Christmas gift that the girls got this year:

These are the PBK dolls that I had wanted to get the girls for awhile. They've always had a CHLOE & SOPHIE doll. About a year ago, I wrote PBK & told them our story about our sweet baby girl in heaven, Chloe, whom God used to change our lives forever! I asked them to name their next doll LIBBY, so we could have all of our girls "together". They didn't come out with a LIBBY doll, but they came out with JOY (their Christmas doll). Since our Libby's birthday is two days after Christmas, we thought that was close enough! :) THEN they came out with twin babies, MAX & MEREDITH!

And here's the girls with their dolls (classic Libby face)

Sophie was playing with SOPHIE & CHLOE the other day. I overheard her saying "Come on, CHLO". This brought tears to my eyes because Sophie always calls her sister, Libby, "Lib". Libby always calls Sophie, "Poph" (sounds like "foff"). Anyway, I just thought it was so sweet that Sophie had already nicknamed CHLOE like she was one of the girls! :)

**For all of my 5 blog readers ;), if you were impacted by Chloe's life, let me know how by leaving a comment :)