Saturday, August 15, 2009

The best $15 we ever spent....

Sophie ORIGINALLY got these Dora pj's for Christmas 2007.  

Here she is wearing her NEW pj's.  Look how big they are on her.  
She's singing her MDO song:  Ya put your hoooooooves, ya put your hoooooves out....  

Well... along came Christmas 2008 & being the thrifty person I am - I packaged her pj's back up!  (Please don't make fun of me!  She LOVED these pj's!  Plus, she didn't NEED anymore pj's.)
It was so funny to see her open them up!  (I'm not going to lie - I was a little nervous... I thought she may feel a little jipped!)  You would have thought it was her first time to lay eyes on these beloved pj's!  She was soooo excited!  

Here she is wearing them TODAY!  They're too short all over, but she doesn't care!  I think I've even tried to pass them on to her younger cousin, Daisy, but they didn't make it!!

So, my question is........ should I wrap them up for this Christmas????  ;)